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“Insurance Company Profile: Aviva”, provides a comprehensive overview of Aviva and its UK business. This includes its structure, its strategy for growth and focus on digitization, as well as its performance in the UK and marketing and distribution strategy.

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Aviva serves 33 million customers across 16 countries, including 16 million customers in the UK and Ireland, with approximately 29,530 employees globally. Outside of the UK, Aviva has a strong presence in Canada, France, Ireland, Spain, and Turkey.

This profile offers a review of the company, its business structure and strategy, its financial performance, and a SWOT analysis. It also covers Avivaâ??s activities around insurtech.

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 Key questions answered include –
– What are AVIVAâ??s brands within the group?
– What are AVIVAâ??s strengths and weaknesses?
– What opportunities and challenges does the company face going forward?


– Aviva is a composite of scale in the UK, offering life, general and health insurance, and asset management products and services.
– Aviva has revamped its business strategy to include three key components: True Customer Composite, Digital First, and Selective Market Focus.

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– Learn about Avivaâ??s organizational structure and its core business segments.
– Gain insight into its underwriting and distribution strategy.
– Understand the group’s advertising strategy.

Source: Research Report on Insurance Company Profile: Aviva

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